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  • The Three E’s: How to get your VA Application to Rise to the Top
    As you prep your application and polish your resume, it pays to keep in mind what our recruiters are looking for as they consider you for a VA career. Recruiters know that employees and candidates vary widely in their knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, work styles and more. These differences affect the way you’ll perform or behave on the job and if you would be a good fit for a team. Consider the three E’s that could be crucial when it comes to your qualifications.
  • Cohen Veterans Network - Helping Veterans and Their Families Make it Back to Better.
    Our mission is to help veterans and their families through the challenges of transitioning from active military service back to civilian life, and beyond. Our Cohen Military Family Clinics provide specialized therapy for depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other transitional challenges. We also provide marriage counseling, relationship counseling and help with children’s behavioral issues to support the entire military family. The Cohen Clinics provide veterans and their families with high-quality, accessible care, regardless of discharge status or role in service.
  • New year, new career: Why now is a great time to apply at VA
    As we wrap up the holidays and go into a new year, it’s a natural time to look around and think, “Now what?” Some of us have noticed little change. At the same time, many of us have changed just about everything – our schedules, careers, relationships, and even how we spend social occasions.
  • Increase in VA Disability Compensation
    VA disability payments are going up in 2022. Review 2022 Veterans disability compensation rates. Use our compensation benefits rate tables to find your monthly payment amount. We base your monthly payment amount on your disability rating and details about your dependent family members.
  • Veterans Get Free Premium Membership to LinkedIn
    Veterans often face a unique transition once they leave the military and begin looking for a new job – likely in a new location, and often in a new industry. To help make this a little easier, LinkedIn offers a free one-year Premium Career subscription to every eligible Veteran. The subscription includes access to 16,000+ LinkedIn Learning courses where users can stand out by adding Certificates of Completion to their LinkedIn profile; In Mails to reach out to hiring managers and recruiters to grow one’s network; and exclusive insights on open roles that might be a career match.
  • eHome has Partnered with Wounded Warrior Project
    E-Therapy Cafe provides online marriage, couple, relationship, LGBTQ, military, and trauma counseling. You connect with your therapist through the E-Therapy Cafe virtual platform, which you can access 24/7 from your computer or mobile device. Methods of communication on the portal include face-to-face video chat, electronic chat, and virtual electronic journal exchanges. You choose the venue that best suits your needs and preferences. eHome Military accepts VA Choice, allowing Veterans to receive the care they need without worrying about cost or paying anything out of pocket.
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